Vegan Truffles With Dates, Dried Figs And Cocoa Powder…

Quick snack or tasty dessert. This recipe can save you when unexpected guests arrive. On the other hand it is so tasty that it can be prepared in literally any occasion. Ingredient combination is just perfect. You have to try it.


Here is one vegan recipe for healthy snack or dessert that is relatively fast in sense of preparation. There are numerous combinations of ingredients that can be used here. I’m bringing you my personal favorite.

Dry pitted dates, dried figs, cocoa and fresh orange juice. When united make powerful flavor which is changing in your mouth. It starts with bitterness of cocoa powder , continues with sweetness of dates, characteristic flavor of figs and finished with freshness and sourness of orange juice. Sweet dates complements bitter cocoa and neutralizes bitterness. Fig flavor and crunchiness of its small pits brings another note to this snack. Finally orange juice levels it with freshness and sourness that complements sweetness from dates and figs.

All in all it is explosion of flavors.



20 truffles

Prep time

20 minutes

Cooking time

0 minutes


51 kcal


  • 150g pitted dates

  • 150g dried figs

  • 2 tbsp (12g) of cocoa powder

  • 50ml of fresh squeezed orange juice (with pulp)

  • cocoa powder


  • In a food processor with a steel blade, grind dates, figs and cocoa powder.
  • Add fresh squeezed orange juice with pulp ( I added residues after squeezing as well).
  • Make small balls between your palms. Make sure you use similar amount of mixture for each ball in order to have unified size of your truffles. Roll each ball in cocoa powder.

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