Smoked salmon with poached egg in red wine. Served to amaze.

My first “from scratch” recipe. I knew this combination of ingredients will work out great. However I wanted to make perfect set up for serving that will have wow effect. Here is what I came up with.


Smoked salmon. One of favorite ingredients in our household. Well, salmon in general has favorable position. Usually we like to prepare bruschetta with salsa, black olives and smoked salmon which is our favorite quick and easy dinner recipe. However I wanted to think about presentation this time as well, to make something different.

Idea for combining ingredients that are used in this recipe was building up for quite some time, and finally when I finalized ingredients list and how to prepare it I focused on form of presentation. Thinking what is a perfect set up in order to be attractive and has best flavor and texture sequence.

Then I decided to go with up-side down cups or domes. Smoked salmon will make an outside layer, after smoked and salty salmon perfectly poached egg in red wine will slightly neutralize saltiness and add some astringency from red wine. After that there is avocado to add smoothness and mild flavor in contrast with sharp salmon, some crunchy salad to build up crunchiness and finally toasted bread to finish it up. You have a feast. Enjoy.

Note: Surprise pairing for smoked salmon are melon. peanut and coffee. one of variations was with ground coffee. Just rub ground coffee into salmon, on both sides and experience new level of flavors.



4 servings

Prep time

40 minutes

Cooking time

8 minutes (4 eggs)


405 kcal


  • 300 g of smoked salmon

  • 2 medium size ripe avocados

  • 4 medium eggs

  • 0,5 L of red wine (cheep wine for poaching)

  • 200 g of fresh salad

  • 4 slices of toast

  • salt

  • fresh black pepper


  • In medium size pot place 0,5 L of red wine and turn on the heat. When it just starts to boil, make a vortex with a spoon, and gently place an egg into the wine. Gently stir couple of times so that egg doesn’t stick to the bottom. After 2 minutes gently take the egg pout with perforated spoon, drain it and place on smoked salmon. Repeat 4 times.
  • If you are using bread make sure it is large enough so that you can cut out the shape of your bowl. Toast it just enough to become crunchy. Tip: if toast isn’t large enough, just roll it out slightly with a roller.
  • Take small serving balls. i used those with 4.3 inch (11 cm) in diameter. If you want to make appetizers, you can go with smaller bowls – approx. 3.14 inch (8 cm) in diameter. Cover whole surface of bowls with adhesive foil.
  • Take slices of smoked salmon (preferably that they are equally thin) and cover whole surface of a bowl.
  • Place poached egg on smoked salmon.
  • Place slices of avocado in order to make “false” bottom of the dome.
  • Place fresh mix salad. It should be just slightly above edge of the bowl.
  • Place toasted bread or toast as final touch.
  • Gently hold the toast and slowly turn the bowl upside down while you are putting it on the serving plate. Gently take off the bowl while holding on to adhesive foil, and then gently remove the foil as well.
  • Cut in half with serrated knife and enjoy in explosion of flavors.

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